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Here on Bad Movie – Bad Review, we dissect appallingly funny movies for the benefit of the human race. This mostly involves pointing and laughing at stupidity, and the unintentionally hilarious.

Such as Charlie here. Say hi Charlie!

You can meet this psychopath for yourself by checking out the Nightmare at Noon review, which is one of many reviews here on BMBR.

For even more ridiculous nonsense, check out the rest of Bad Movie – Bad Review!


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Featured Trailers

  • Hologram Man

    Action and (far too many) explosions are the order of the day as our hero Dakota goes up against the most deadly threat the world has ever known…a psychotic corn-row wearing hologram called Slash Gallagher!
  • Arthur's Quest

    In this clip of the nonsensical Arthur’s Quest, we see Billy from Gremlins aid his son, King Arthur, in travelling through time to live in 1990’s California. Also featuring Slagador, Timmy, and the dynamic duo of Brion James and Clint Howard!
  • Nightmare at Noon

    This movie is also called ‘Death Street USA’, which you may have noticed is the most awesome movie title in existence. This movie is also awesome for Brion James and his pet helicopter, and Wings Hauser’s horny wife.
  • Hustler Squad

    How would you like to be horrifyingly offended? If you’re in to overt sexism, racism, and are a horrible human being in general, then Hustler Squad is the movie for you. This isn’t a nice film. You’ve been warned.
  • Zombeavers

    Get your lazily written vagina-puns at the ready, barricade the door to your log cabin, and settle in for Zombeavers. A frankly awesome movie, if a little insane.
  • Yeti: A Gay Love Story

    What do you get when you put a homosexual yeti, a liberal dose of flopping penises, absolutely no budget whatsoever, and the Troma distribution label in to a blender? This film. Enter at your own risk.
  • Sweepers

    Dolph Lundgren finds himself on the action-packed end of some Angolan landmine shenanigans here, and quite possibly also on the wrong end of Child Protection Services.
  • Hard Hunted

    Boobs, babes, green blobs, and a stupid fucking helicopter are the order of things here with ‘Hard Hunted’. One of Andy Sidaris’ lesser known films, and with very good reason.
  • Gladiator Cop/Mortal Conquest

    Time to play spot the difference with a film that was so unnecessarily nonsensical that the director insisted on making it twice. 2x James Hong + 2x Death Matches + 2x Alexander The Great = 10x confusion.
  • Another Yeti A Love Story: Life on the Streets

    Yes, that’s right. They made a sequel! And screw me sideways with a giant rubber dildo if this isn’t one of the finest sequels ever put to film. Grab a mop bucket and get ready for a mess.
  • Still Flowin: The Movie

    This is it. The absolute worst film we have ever seen or are likely to ever see. Create by Australian rap artist Raed Mekli, this movie is unlike ANYTHING that has come before, which surely deserves a prize.
  • Direct Action

    Dolph Lundgren does it again. And by ‘it’ I mean staring in yet another dreadful mess of plot-holes and shooting. Don’t ever change, Dolph!

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